Digital Course Materials

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Inclusive Access

The Inclusive Access (IA) program provides students digital course materials at a fraction of the price and available automatically online for the first day of class.

How does it work?

  1. Faculty chooses to offer Inclusive Access for their course materials.
  2. Students are automatically charged through their student accounts.
  3. Students gain access to digital course materials via Blackboard on the first day of class.

Benefits of Inclusive Access

  • Save Money: Save up to 70% off the price of a printed textbook.
  • Easiest Way to Get Books: IA materials are available online via Blackboard and charged to your student account. No shopping necessary!
  • The Right Edition, Guaranteed: eBooks available via IA are always the correct edition because they are hand selected by your instructor.
  • Online Tools: Your IA could also include adaptive learning platforms such as, virtual tutoring, interactive online assignments, study tools and more!

Opting Out

Students are automatically opted into Inclusive Access. Students have the option to opt out, receive a refund, and purchase the course materials elsewhere.

To opt out, login to your inclusive access portal and select opt out. Before you opt out, make sure to consult with your instructor to ensure you are able to access all of the required readings and tools for the course without Inclusive Access.

Opt Out Deadlines

The opt-out deadline for Inclusive Access title is at 11:59pm on the class add/drop date each term, which can be found at

Go to my Inclusive Access Portal

Inclusive Access Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my Inclusive Access course materials?
Login to Blackboard and navigate to your course to access your materials. Contact your professor if you’re having trouble finding them.

If your course materials are not in Blackboard after the first day of class, it could be because of a few reasons:

  1. Your instructor has not yet loaded the inclusive access materials into Blackboard. If this is the case, contact your instructor.
  2. You registered for the class within the last 2 business days. If you registered recently, wait 2 business days for the materials to be loaded into your account. If you still are not seeing them, email the bookstore at
  3. Your instructor may have specific instructions for accessing the materials. Instructors can manage the release time of certain materials to fit their course. Ask your instructor if there is a reason you cannot see the materials.

Why can't I add my inclusive access title to my shopping cart?
Inclusive access is billed separately from your other course materials. Because your inclusive access title is automatically billed to your university account, there is no need to add it to your shopping cart. Do not purchase the title directly from the publisher or you may be billed twice for the same course material!

What if I drop the course? Will I be refunded?
If you drop your course before the opt-out deadline, you will be automatically refunded for the course materials.


Inclusive Access Student Portal

To view your Inclusive Access courses or to opt-out of your Inclusive Access course materials before the deadline, log into your student portal using your NDSU Student ID Number
Go to my Inclusive Access Portal

Digital Textbooks

Looking for digital versions of your textbooks? You can purchase digital access codes online or in store.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Your instructor may utilize openly licensed free or low-cost course materials. These are typically available digitally and provided by your instructor. If a print version is available, it will be listed on our website to purchase.