Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order my textbooks?
1. Choose Login from the top menu and then choose Log in using your NDSU Electronic ID

2. After you have logged in using your Electronic ID, choose "Order Course Materials" from the "Course Materials" menu..

3. Add your courses to the list by choosing them from the drop-down menus. Choose Begin Shopping after adding all of the courses you'd like to shop for. You can find your course list with section number in the Campus Connection list view.

When and where do I pick up my textbook order?
After you have placed a textbook order, you will receive an email telling you that your order is ready for pick up. Orders will be picked up at the Textbooks window in the NDSU Bookstore.

Why can't I find my class listed for course material purchases?
There may be several reasons: 1) the instructor hasn't submitted book information to us, so it's noted that materials haven't been determined yet** see below; 2) it's a combination undergraduate/graduate course (ex: ‘BUSN 454/654'). These appear near the bottom of the department list. If your course is not showing when you submit your order for the other classes, you can type in a message on the ‘order summary' screen that comes up right after the ‘shipping options' screen. The message box is right below the boxed area that shows what you've ordered.; 3) you may not be in the right department so make sure you are looking under the correct department code (for example: Psychology is PSYC and not PHYS which is for Physics).

** If you do locate your section but see the message "Textbook requirements have not yet been determined for this course. You will have the option to select whether or not to add materials if they become available", you can click on the 'add to cart' link and designate an update action on the 'order preference screen' when you start the checkout process.

Why is the same book listed more than once for my class?
Books are sometimes available as a text only option and as a package option that includes the text plus other item/s requested by the instructor. Also, sometimes we'll have required items available separately (ex: used book, new workbook) and as a package (new of both required components). We also have eBook versions available for some texts so you may see a listing for a digital eBook, too.

Can I add to my order or delete it?
If the order status in your customer account is still listed as "New", you can add or remove from the quantity of items already on the order or cancel the order entirely. Once the order status has changed to "Picking", you'll no longer be able to alter your order online and you'll need to contact the NDSU Bookstore directly to change the order. When your order is placed, you will automatically get an email confirmation. If you've added a class later, or see a course you're taking is now listed on the website, you can submit a separate order with the new course information. All orders for the same customer are combined into one.

What if I drop a class after submitting an order?
You will want to let us to know before the pickup deadline if you need them held longer and through what date. You can let us know this when you submit your order by typing in a message in the message field bag on the ‘order summary' screen (right after the ‘shipping options' screen).

General Course Material Questions

What is Student Charging at the Bookstore?
  • Student charging is an optional method of payment allowed by the NDSU Bookstore. Financial Aid is not required for student charging.
  • Students are allowed a $1000 balance limit for student charging. When studnets have reached the balance limit, they will not be able to charge any further items to their account.
  • Only registered NDSU students with and NDSU student ID may charge to their student accounts.
  • All charges for the Bookstore are reflected in PeopleSoft as a separate line item on a students’ account.
  • If excess financial aid is available your charges will be deducted. If not, it is your responsibility to check your account and make payment arrangements.

  • What is a clicker unit? How do I register my clicker unit?
    A clicker (Personal Response System), is a remote electronic response device used in many classes and are available at the cash registers. Additional information can be found on the ITS webpage.

    Can you give me any tips for selling back my used books or other information I should be aware of?
    Keep your books in good condition. Bring in any CD's or other items that came with your books. National demand does influence the price you will be offered for your books. GUARD YOUR BOOKS AS IF THEY WERE CASH! Book theft does happen and the prospect of quick and easy cash from selling back textbooks can be a temptation for would-be thieves.

    When is the next buyback?
    You can sell your books back at the End-of-Semester Buyback or anytime we're open with Daily Buyback. See our Buyback page for more information


  • We recommend that students take advantage of our online course material ordering program. It gives you first chance at any used books we have and all materials are pulled, charged to a credit card or your student charge account, and packed for you so that you just pick them up when you come to campus. It saves you time and hassle picking the course materials out yourself.

  • Save all of your receipts. If you have bought a item in error you must have your receipt for your refund. In order to protect against stolen books, we ask you for your NDSU ID which we enter onto your receipt when you make your purchase. Your receipt ensures that the books being returned are for the right student, against the original form of payment. No one can return your books to the bookstore and get cash without it. Do NOT send the receipt home with your parents or you will be unable to return any unneeded books. This includes exchanges.

  • Don't open any packages or software before going to class and deciding whether you really need it or not. We can't return opened package materials to the publisher.

  • Go to class first. The first day of class your professor will give you a break down of what to expect in the class and usually a syllabus. You will then know how and when the book will be used in class.

  • Watch the  Dates and Events page for book return dates. You can only return textbooks within the first week of class unless you've dropped the class and have a copy of your drop paperwork with you. (This extends your return for one additional week)

  • We offer a large number of our textbook titles in a digital format. Digital books are less expensive and have many features, but they are also not titles we can buy back.

  • We buy books back from our students during dead week and final exam week. If we need the book again we pay up to 50% of the current price. There are some books we are not able to buy back because of new editions or if they are workbooks with fill ins or perforated pages. Our buyback prices can be found on our website during finals week.

  • Textbooks are one of the lowest margin merchandise areas we have in the store and therefore we're not able to discount them. Our mark up covers the cost of the book plus shipping, labor etc. It is lower than the national average.

    This may be the first time you've purchased textbooks and are therefore shocked at how expensive they can be. But, when you consider all of the other expenses of a college education, books are a small portion of that entire cost. Books are expensive, but they are an investment in your education. We want you to buy what you need to be successful in your classes. Textbooks are an important part of your success. We allow our registered students to charge the cost of their books and supplies to their NDSU account with their NDSU ID card. If you have excess financial aid, your bookstore charges will be deducted from your financial aid award. If you do not have enough to cover your bookstore charges, you will be given a  deadline. in which to pay off your account. Students may track the status of their account by keeping their bookstore receipts. When a purchase is made with Student Charge, the receipt will indicate the remaining account balance. Failure to pay your bookstore charges will result in a hold on your account, which inhibits your ability to register for classes, retrieve transcripts and will also result in your future ability to charge textbooks and supplies to your account.


    For more information about purchasing course materials, please contact us at (701)-231-9478 or send email to