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Add an ISBN to your buyback list by typing the number into the Enter ISBN: field. Click the Add ISBN to List button to build your list.

You may remove an ISBN by selecting the number and clicking the Remove ISBN button.

Search for Buyback Information on Previous Purchases

If you have purchased textbooks through this site, please click this link to view which of your books are part of the current buyback list.

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You can also check buyback prices and sell your books with our online partners:


  • The NDSU Bookstore makes every effort to get you the highest possible price for your books. This price depends on what is being used at NDSU in the coming semester(s) and whether we have been informed of its use.
  • Our goal is to buy every textbook that you decide is no longer needed, and for which there is a resale market. When the Bookstore limit is reached, a wholesale price will be offered if available.
  • NDSU Bookstore buyback staff reserves the right to refuse books that are not in saleable condition or appear to be counterfeit.
  • We buy back books not purchased from the NDSU Bookstore.
  • You must show your Official NDSU ID at the time you sell your books.
  • You may only sell one copy of a title/ISBN per buyback season.
  • Be aware of your rented vs. purchased books. If you receive cash back for rented books, you will be charged fees for non-returned rentals and we are unable to reverse the transaction later.
  • If you have an outstanding book charging balance at the time of book buyback, you must apply the money received towards your balance. Failure to pay book charges will result in a hold on your account, the inability to register for classes, and prevent you from charging your books to your account in the future.