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Inter-Departmental Billing

Instructions for preparing Bookstore SSI Journal entry

Use the Spreadsheet Import Template located under "Accounting" on the NDSU Forms Page.

Journal ID: This should be left blank. DO NOT use the reference number generator.


Line Items in Funding Area: Type in your department’s Account, Fund, Dept #, (Program, Project ID, if needed) and amount as a positive number. If different funds are covering different items on the receipt the funding lines can be broken down but they must add up to the total of the receipt. Description (in Column P): type in information your department would like for identifying or classifying the purchase or leave blank.

Line Items in Funding Area: Type in the Bookstore’s Account, Fund, Dept # 479010 12200 3420 and the total amount of the receipt as a negative number. Our funding numbers will always be the same. Description (in Column P): type in the 15 digit reference number taken from the receipt as the Transaction #, Register #, and Date MMDDYYYY) an example (see below) would be 394810210162018 for the transaction #3948 done at register 102 on October 16, 2018. This 15 digit number is what shows the Bookstore that an IDB has been processed by Accounting when doing the ledger inquiry. Because each receipt needs the proper 15 digit reference number in the Column P description you cannot add receipts together and enter only one line of funding for the NDSU Bookstore. Each receipt must have one line of funding for the NDSU Bookstore.

When doing a return of merchandise (credit) the negative amount is in your funding line and the positive amount is in Bookstore’s funding line – an exact opposite of the purchase. Everything else is completed in the same manner.

If your purchase includes a computer, laptop or iPad, be sure to include the six digit NDSU inventory tag number. This can be entered in the main description box or on your line of the funding in the Column P description field.

Double check that the TOTAL OF AMOUNT COLUMN MUST EQUAL $0.00 (peach/pink field on spreadsheet) is actually $0.00.

Save the SSI Journal entry.

Send email to: [email protected]. Attach the saved SSI Journal entry and emailed receipt(s) for processing. Only send one SSI Journal per e-mail.

Email must be sent from the email account of an individual who is authorized to approve expenses. No actual signatures are required.

Submit within two weeks for payment. For questions, contact: [email protected].


Journal Entry Sample

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