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Inter-Departmental Billing

Once you have purchased an item at the Bookstore that is charged to your department, an electronic receipt will be emailed to your department for reference. The Bookstore will initiate an Interdepartmental Billing to the department using the Spreadsheet Import (SSI) process.


The following information will be pre-filled for your convenience:

  • Journal Number
  • Date
  • Department Number
  • Charge Amount
  • Income Amount to Bookstore


Please review the SSI’s coding for accuracy/additions:

  • Account Code
  • Fund Code
  • Department Code
  • Program Code
  • Project Code
  • Description, you may add any necessary verbiage in the description box (C8) and on the description line items (P18 and on). If your purchase includes a computer, laptop or iPad, be sure to include the six-digit NDSU inventory tag number here.
  • If you need to split the charges, add lines as necessary
  • Double check the “TOTAL OF AMOUNT COLUMN MUST EQUAL $0.00” is actually 0. If not, correct accordingly.

Save your updated worksheet.


Return to the email you received and forward back to [email protected] with these items:

  • The updated SSI with your added information
  • The PDF copy of the receipt that was sent to you in the original email
  • Authorized approval of the charges. In the email text, you can simply state “Approved”

The Bookstore will review the SSI for accuracy and all required information. Once this is completed it will be forwarded on to Accounting to be posted in Peoplesoft.


General Policies regarding Bookstore Charges:

  • The purchaser must have a valid NDSU identification.
  • All charges must be sent back for payment within two weeks of receiving.
  • Keep contact information current with the Bookstore. It is very important we have the correct contact for the departments billing person.

For questions regarding Bookstore Charges and the SSI process, please contact: [email protected]




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