Museum Board 4Ply White 16X20

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Archival Methods Museum Board is made of 100% cotton fiber. Polar White Museum Board has a cool tone with a blue shift, is acid- and lignin-free and incorporates alkaline or neutral sizing. All boards are buffered with calcium carbonate to ensure protection from the destructive effects of acid migration from the matted work and from a polluted environment that might cause the pH of the mat board to decrease with age.

  • 4-Ply / 60 Pt. (Approximately 1/16")
  • Alkaline sizing is used for both internal and external sizing. No alum is used in the manufacturing process
  • Buffered with calcium carbonate 2-3% alkaline reserve, pH 9 +/-0.5, acid-free
  • Color dyes are light-fast and non-bleeding
  • Board will not degrade and cause harm to mounted matted artwork
  • Board passes the Photographic Activity Test ISO IT 18916
  • Lignin content is tested by TAPPI 236 cm-85 and has a Kappa number of 5
  • The single ply sheets are laminated together using all natural starch adhesive
  • One board
  • 100% Cotton fiber pulp (99% Alpha Cellulose):
  • It does not contain any post consumer waste recycled pulp.
  • Paper is free of metal particles, waxes, plasticizers and residual bleach peroxide.
  • Sulfur content is less than 0.0008% reducible sulfur.
  • Iron content does not exceed 150ppm and copper does not exceed 6ppm.
  • No optical brightening agents are used in the pulp