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Cover Image For DORM TAPE RED
Cover Image for DORM TAPE RED Cover Image for DORM TAPE RED


DORM TAPE RED 1X360. Dorm Tape is a must-have dorm decor product! Used to hang anything from dorm posters to your favorite pictures, this specifically geared wall tape was made for college walls. Since your dorm walls are bare we know that adding posters, pictures, and magazine cut outs are a necessity. The question is: How do you hang them? If your answer is masking tape or that cheap clear tape then you must not know about Dorm Tape. Dorm walls are often cylinder block and they demand a tape that will keep stuff up year round. Using masking tape or Scotch tape will result in your wall decor falling to the ground halfway during your first semester. Hang it once with Dorm Tape! This college tape is also designed not to ruin your dorm walls or the items you stick it on. Unlike Duct Tape which is strong enough to hold, you won't get any sticky residue on your dorm walls. This is important because end of the year fines can get pretty steep. Also taking Duct Tape off the back of your favorite photos can ruin them. The only real solution is Dorm Tape. Whether you call it dorm decor, dorm decorations, dorm decorating or just 'hanging my posters' the must have add on product is Dorm Tape. Make your freshman move-in day enjoyable by using Dorm Tape to hang everything on your college walls. Bonus: Use Dorm Tape on your dorm doors too! Strong hold... No Damage.

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