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Gift Card

Give a gift that won't be returned! FREE SHIPPING

Give us the name and address of a friend or relative and we'll send a gift card in your name for the requested amount or send an e-Gift card to any email address you'd like.

eGift Cards
If you purchase an e-Gift card, you will receive several emails when you order this FREE item. Make sure to keep both emails with the subject lines: "egift Card - Account Number" and "eGift Card - PIN Number".

If you do not receive your account Number or PIN Number email, you must contact the NDSU Bookstore within 10 days. For security reasons we are not able to retrieve e-Gift card account or PIN numbers after that time.

e-Gift cards can be used immediately in-store or online.
Thank you again!!!

*Lost or Stolen Cards will not be replaced.
*Gift Cards are non-returnable.

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