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Cover Image For After Shoks Sportz Titanium bone conducting headphones

After Shoks Sportz Titanium bone conducting headphones

WIRED HEADPHONE DESIGN: Premium wired open ear headphone design. Cord is 4 feet long to easily reach your phone on the go. Standard 3.5 mm audio jack fits your iOS and Android smartphones or tablets and Mac and PC computers. Not Bluetooth compatible. BONE CONDUCTION TECHNOLOGY: Our bone conduction technology and OpenFit design delivers music through your cheekbones, ensuring your ears remain completely open to ambient sounds for maximum situational awareness during long term wear. BUILT FOR LONG TERM WEAR: 12 hours of continuous, high quality audio on a single 2 hour charge of the 1 inch x 2.5 inch battery compartment. Charge before use. Titanium headband is lightweight and flexible for long term durability and portability. QUALITY SOUND: Innovative AfterShokz headphones deliver a premium audio experience. With the wide dynamic range of PremiumPitch, rich bass, and LeakSlayer technology to reduce natural sound leakage, you are ensured the best on the go audio. ULTIMATE DURABILITY: Our sport headphones repel sweat, dust and moisture throughout your indoor or outdoor exercise routine. These sturdy workout headphones withstand your strenuous running, cycling, and more. (ONYX BLACK)

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