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Pickles the Dog, Adopted - Kat Socks

Adopting a pet from a shelter is not only exciting, but it's truly a feelgood experience as well. Join Kat and her family as they bring their adopted dog, Pickles, home to their family farm. Kat and Pickles work together to make the transition fun. About the Author:
  • Kat is very passionate about animals and believes every animal deserves a loving home. She enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering as a pet therapy handler. Kat lives in Bismarck, ND with her husband, son, and two dogs. Pickles The Dog books were inspired by a real dog named Pickles. Pickles was a dog rescued from a flood. She had been adopted and returned to a shelter several times and things were not looking so well for her. Kat's mother-in-law decided to adopted Pickles and helped her learn and adjust to a new home. We are so grateful she did because Pickles is such a sweet girl who is happy to meet everyone! Kat loves to give back to her community in many ways, but her favorite way is by donating a small portion of the sales from her book and her baby boutique Kat's Socks to animal shelters.

Author: SOCKS K

ISBN: 9781732244818

Price: $16.99

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