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North Dakota Travels - Bro Halff

North Dakota Travels is a vibrant collection of watercolors and writings by Bro Halff, capturing the beauty of North Dakota’s land and buildings, and the life-affirming attitude of its people. This book and its companion volume, North Dakota Days, present diverse landscapes and townscapes in one of America’s most beautiful states. The author describes, in prose, poetry, and luminous paintings, his travels throughout the state, to small towns, cities, and across the vast and awe-inspiring land. The author captures the patterns of daily life and in the land itself that inspire and sustain North Dakota residents and visitors. He portrays the good-natured humor and neighborliness that distinguish the state. The book also describes the very distinct seasons in North Dakota. This volume is a captivating journey to singular corners of the state, and a spiritual odyssey that offers perceptions and insights that delight and refresh the reader.

Author: HALFF

ISBN: 9781885238122

Price: $29.95

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