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North Dakotans Never Give Up - Larry Aasen

While Larry Aasen was growing up on a farm in North Dakota, he and the people of his state lived through a Great Depression, crop failures, floods, grasshopper infestations, a World War, snowstorms, bank failures, crop diseases, and severe weather extremes. If they were to survive, they couldn't give up.So Larry has written a book - part history, part memoir - that pays tribute to some North Dakotans whose determination made them successful in many fields, including farming, education, sports, war, politics, business, entertainment and journalism "North Dakotans Never Give Up" is also a memoir, because it gives a picture of life and times in North Dakota in the 1930s and 1940s.

Author: AASEN

ISBN: 9780578487915

Price: $18.00

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