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The quality of items bought, sold, or traded on the NDSU Bookstore Course Materials Student Exchange are not guaranteed by the NDSU Bookstore. Items may not be in new condition and supplemental materials may be missing. Be sure to contact the poster if you have questions about the content and quality of items before your transaction is complete. All posts will be removed from the Course Materials Student Exchange 60 days from the date of posting if they are not removed by the seller before the 60th day. If your item is still available after 60 days, you can repost it by adding a new post.
REMINDER: When meeting someone to buy or sell any item, please remember to:
  • Insist on a public meeting place.
  • Do not meet in a secluded place, or invite strangers into your home.
  • Tell a friend or family member where you're going.
  • Take your cell phone along if you have one.
  • Consider having a friend accompany you.
  • Trust your instincts.
The NDSU Bookstore is not responsible for transactions that take place on the NDSU Bookstore Course Materials Student Exchange.
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Active NDSU Bookstore Course Materials Student Exchange Posts
  Date Listed Title Author ISBN Asking Price
Jun 19 2017 (0) AGING:CONCEPTS+CONTROVERSIES MOODY 978145220309 $5.00
Jun 19 2017 (0) ANAT.+PHYS.F/SPEECH,LANG.+HEAR.-W/2 CDS SEIKEL 978142831223 $20.00
  Cover image of ANAT.+PHYS.F/SPEECH,LANG.+HEAR.-W/2 CDS  
Jun 20 2017 (0) ANIMAL RESTRAINT F/VETERINARY PROF. SHELDON 978032303465 $20.00
Jul 21 2017 (0) APA STYLE SIMPLIFIED:WRITING IN PSYCH.. BEINS 978047067123 $5.00
  Cover image of APA STYLE SIMPLIFIED:WRITING IN PSYCH.. Used - No Damage Best Offer  
Jul 23 2017 (0) APPLIED CALC.F/BUS...,EXPANDED HOFFMANN 978007353237 $10.00
  Cover image of APPLIED CALC.F/BUS...,EXPANDED APPLIED CALC FOR BUSINESS, ECONOMICS, AND THE SOCIAL AND LIFE SCIENCES. Loose leaf in very good condition, no damage to pages, will give you binder, only one owner.  
Jun 19 2017 (0) APPLIED CALCULUS >CUSTOM< WANER 978111139820 $20.00
  Cover image of APPLIED CALCULUS &gt;CUSTOM&lt;  
Jul 21 2017 (0) CALL TO WRITE,BRIEF ED. TRIMBUR 978113331115 $20.00
  Cover image of CALL TO WRITE,BRIEF ED. Used - No Damage great condition Best Offer  
Jun 19 2017 (0) CHEM 122 LAB MANUAL OSWALD 978168135324 $8.00
  Cover image is not available No pages missing, everything in pencil.  
Jun 19 2017 (0) CHEMISTRY CHANG 978007340268 $5.00
  Cover image of CHEMISTRY  
Jul 23 2017 (0) Chemistry Chang 978007340268 $30.00
  Cover image of Chemistry Very good condition, no damage to pages, slight wear on cover edges, eleventh edition.  
Jul 26 2017 (0) CHEMISTRY CHANG 978007802151 $20.00
  Cover image of CHEMISTRY Brand new condition no damage to the pages or cover. 12th edition  
Jun 20 2017 (0) CHEMISTRY IN CONTEXT AM.CHEM.SOC. 978007722134 $20.00
  Cover image of CHEMISTRY IN CONTEXT  
Jul 23 2017 (0) CHEMISTRY-STUD.STD.GDE. CHANG 978007738657 $5.00
  Cover image of CHEMISTRY-STUD.STD.GDE. SOLUTIONS MANUAL COMPANION TO CHEMISTRY 11TH ED. CHANG. Good condition, paperback, provides answers and explanations to even numbered problems in textbook and walks through "problem types"  
Jul 23 2017 (0) CHEMISTRY-STUD.STD.GDE. CHANG 978007738657 $5.00
  Cover image of CHEMISTRY-STUD.STD.GDE. STUDY GUIDE COMPANION TO CHEMISTRY 11TH ED. CHANG. Would work with 12th ed. too. Provides summary of text, charts, tables, examples, practice test and answers. Good condition, paperback.  
Jun 19 2017 (0) CHILD+ADOLESCENT DEVELOPMENT OWENS 978053436618 $40.00
Jun 19 2017 (0) COLOR PURPLE (SM.FORMAT W/PREFACE) WALKER 978015603182 $3.00
  Cover image of COLOR PURPLE (SM.FORMAT W/PREFACE) Brand New.  
Jun 19 2017 (0) DRUG USE+ABUSE MAISTO 978128545551 $40.00
  Cover image of DRUG USE+ABUSE  
Jun 19 2017 (0) ENGR.MECH.:STATICS,VOL.1 >CUSTOM< HIBBELER 978132323639 $30.00
  Cover image of ENGR.MECH.:STATICS,VOL.1 &gt;CUSTOM&lt;  
Jun 19 2017 (0) ESSENTIAL INTERVIEWING EVANS 978084003471 $10.00
Jul 21 2017 (0) ESSENTIALS OF SOCIOLOGY-TEXT HENSLIN 978013380354 $20.00
  Cover image of ESSENTIALS OF SOCIOLOGY-TEXT Used - No damage Best Offer  
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