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School Supplies can also be charged to your student account along with your course materials.
Course Materials

The NDSU Bookstore is your official source for Course Materials used for North Dakota State University courses and everything else you need for classroom success. The materials you purchase for classes are more specialized than similar products in other retail stores. They can often be more expensive. Therefore, we’ve broken down the list of items you may be asked to purchase so that you are an informed consumer. We carry multiple versions of the same items so that students have choices. Carefully consider how you will use the items purchased so that you make the best choice for you.

  • Textbooks - The NDSU Bookstore carries both new and used books for most courses. We are very aggressive in seeking used books wherever we can. More than 50% of all books used at NDSU are used. However, many books now come shrink-wrapped with computer disks, access codes and other materials from the publisher, therefore books are not always available used. Books that have materials shrink-wrapped and have been opened or accessed, may not be returnable. Before you open those materials, please go to class first or ask if the package may be returned if opened.
  • Digital Textbooks - The NDSU Bookstore carries a selection of textbooks available in a digital format at a price comparable to used books. Many digital books can only be used on a single computer; have limited printing and limited access to the material by the customer. That time period may be 6 months to a year from date of purchase and is limited by the publisher. There is no buyback and/or returns on digital versions of textbooks if they have been activated.
  • Rentals - The NDSU Bookstore rents books in two ways, in the store and via our online partner Rafter. Books rented in the store are available on the shelf next to the other versions of the book. In-store rentals must be returned by the last day of finals. Books rented via the Rafter portal can be returned to the store or shipped back by the student. Rentals give students another option other than purchasing the book. Limited highlighting is acceptable. Shop for rental titles available from or go to the NDSU Bookstore Rafter site here.
  • Buyback - In addition to the main end-of-semester buys, the NDSU Bookstore also offers daily buyback at the customer service desk or online via links found on our Buyback page. If we are using the book again for an NDSU course and we need books, we add it to our retail list and pay up to 50% of the purchase price. Books not being bought back for NDSU classes are bought by the wholesaler and are offered the current price nationally and shipped off campus. End-of-semester textbook buyback dates and times can be found on our Dates and Events Dates and Events page.
  • Price Comparison - The NDSU Bookstore wants customers to make informed choices, so we have a new tool available so customers can see how our prices stack up against other retailers. You’ll find that we are very competitive with the major companies also offering course materials in the marketplace. Always check to see that the ISBN that we post matches whatever textbook you are comparing prices to. If so, is it the same edition and format? What is the return policy? Shipping charges?

  • NDSU Bookstore Book Charging Program - Need to buy your course materials but don’t have the money to do it when classes start? The NDSU Bookstore allows students who are currently enrolled with no outstanding charges to purchase books and supplies and charge them to their NDSU account. Supplies include notebooks, pens, folders, kits, backpacks, lanyards, and flash drives. Computer hardware CANNOT be purchased using the Book Charging program no matter how much financial aid a student is receiving. All bookstore charges will show up on your University bill with tuition, room, board etc. This makes it handy to buy your materials and pay for them when your financial aid is disbursed. Payment date is posted on our website. Payments received after the due date will be assessed interest. Book charges that are not paid will create a hold on your NDSU account. This will prevent you from registering for classes, accessing your student records and could jeopardize your ability to charge in the future. This is a service to NDSU students only. Your NDSU ID is required.

For in formation about course material and textbook returns, please see our Textbook Return Policy.
For more information about purchasing textbooks and course materials, please contact Brent Seewald-Marquardt at (701) 231-8015 or send email to