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Course Materials at the NDSU Bookstore

Textbooks To-Go Compare Prices and Order
Textbooks To-Go

See course material prices from different online retailers all in one place and choose from new, used, digital, or rental! Compare and save today!

Textbook Buyback Textbook Buyback
Textbook Buyback

Get information about end-of-semester or daily textbook buyback and set up "Buyback Alerts" so you'll know exactly how much we're paying for your textbook.

Textbooks Rentals Textbook Rental
Textbook Rental

Save money by renting textbooks from us or our online partner Rafter. You can also return your books to the bookstore to avoid the hassle shipping books back.

Digital Textbooks Digital Textbooks
Digital Textbooks

Study on the go! We have a huge selection of course materials in digital formats available across multiple devices.

Returns Returns

See our course material return policy and get information about return deadlines.

FAQ & Tips FAQ & Tips
FAQ & Tips

Get answers to frequently asked questions about ordering or purchasing course materials at the NDSU Bookstore.

Faculty Resources Faculty Resources
Faculty Resources

Information for faculty regarding course material adoption, copyright clearance and electronic reserves.

Contact Us Contact Us
Contact Us

We welcome any questions you have about ordering or purchasing course materials from the NDSU Bookstore.